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Have you had chance to see this marvellous mural on King St?

A bright, colourful mural painted onto a brick wall. The mural is a collage scene that shows people and objects inspired by Wigan's past and future. This includes people dancing, a football, someone playing a saxophone and Wigan's Casino Club.

Designed by Rosa Kusabbi, the mural takes inspiration from the history from King St and the future vision of a selection of young people in over 10 schools across the borough. The poem in the centre was created by Louise Fazackerley, also co-designed by the young people in the schools.

Lead Artist: Louise Fazackerley (@louisethepoet)

Mural Design: Rosa Kusabbi (@rosa_illustration_)

Mural Artist: Alex Cullen (@alex__cullen)

Find the piece nestled between Reef Bar & Terrace Wigan and Ibiza bar, before you get to the bridge on Faggy Lane.

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